Once upon a time, there lived a young Lobellated who was always curious about the world and what lies beyond it. He would often ask his friends and family about the stars and planets, the sea and the land and what lies beyond. One day, his curiosity led him to a faraway land where he saw a beautiful, magical flower. The Lobellated was mesmerised by the beauty of the flower, and he wanted to learn more about it.

So, he decided to ask people in the village about it. He was surprised to learn that the flower was known as the ‘Lobellated’. The villagers told him that it was a rare flower and only a few had seen it in the entire kingdom. The Lobellated was enchanted by the flower and he decided to take it back home.

He took care of the flower and soon it started to bloom. As it bloomed, the Lobellated was filled with joy and he admired the beauty of the flower every day. But, soon he realized that the flower’s beauty was fleeting. Every day, the Lobellated would watch the flower wilt away and he was deeply saddened by it’s demise.

He wanted to keep the flower alive and as such, he decided to venture out and find a way to make the flower immortal. He travelled far and wide, searching for the answer to his question, but he was unable to find a solution.

Finally, he decided to pay a visit to the wise wizard of the kingdom. He thought maybe the wizard could help him and he was right. The wizard revealed the secret of the Lobellated flower’s immortality. He explained that the flower needed to be taken care of with great love and care and that it was necessary for its bloom to last forever.

The Lobellated was surprised and delighted to learn this and he thanked the wizard for his advice. He went home and took great care of the flower, and as promised it bloomed again and again with the same beauty and grace.

The Lobellated realized that to keep something alive and beautiful, it is necessary to show it love and care. He learnt that true beauty never fades and it lasts forever with proper care.
Moral: Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, but true beauty never fades if taken care of with love and respect.

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