Once upon a time, there lived a small village, nestled deep in the heart of a lush forest. The villagers were happy and content and led simple, comfortable lives in the peaceful countryside.

One day, a stranger arrived in the village. He was dressed in a worn cloak and was carrying a large, strange looking box. He went up to the villagers and introduced himself as Levolactic, a scientist from far away lands. He said that he was passing through the village and had come to share his wondrous invention with them.

The villagers were fascinated. Levolactic opened his box, revealing a glowing device of mysterious powers and delicate machinery. He explained that it was a device he had invented that could grant wishes; all one had to do was place their hand on it and wish for something, and it would come true!

The villagers were skeptical at first—they could not believe that something so magical could exist. But, eventually, curiosity overcame their doubts and they started to give it a chance.

One by one, they approached the device and placed their hands on it. Some wished for love, some wished for money, and others wished for good health. To everyone’s astonishment, their wishes were granted right away!

The entire village was soon abuzz with the news of Levolactic’s invention, and people from all around the countryside flocked to the village to get their wishes granted. Everyone was ecstatic, and the villagers celebrated their newfound fortune.

However, Levolactic had one warning: his device should not be used lightly. He said that each wish was important and should not be wasted on trivial things.

At first, the villagers heeded his warning and carefully chose their wishes. But as time passed, they began to forget Levolactic’s warning and started using the device for more and more selfish desires. Soon, the villagers found themselves in a terrible situation.

The moral of the story is to use our resources wisely. All of us have the power to make our own wishes come true, but we must remember that our wishes are precious and should be used for important things. Wasting them on trivial matters will only leave us feeling empty and regretful in the end.

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