Once upon a time in a small village, there lived a poor farmer and his family. As the poor farmer had not enough money, he had to work day and night to keep his family alive. One day, the poor farmer heard about a man in the neighbouring village who had a magical lensed. He had assumed that the magical lensed will help him to become wealthy and he decided to go and get it.

The day the farmer was supposed to go and get the lensed, his daughter woke up and saw her father getting ready to go to the neighbouring village. She asked him where he was going and he told her that he was going to get a magical lensed which will help them to become wealthy. She asked him why he was going alone. He told her that he wanted to surprise her and he wanted to get the lensed as a gift for her.

The young daughter was very excited to hear the news and she begged her father to take her along. The poor farmer had no choice but to take his daughter along with him. When the father and daughter reached the neighbouring town, they found out that the man who had the magical lensed had already sold it to someone else.

The poor farmer was very sad and his daughter was broken. She felt that it was all her fault for asking her father to take her along. She started crying and said that if she had not asked him to take her along, he would have got the magical lensed.

The poor farmer tried to console his daughter, he said that it was not her fault and he should have trusted his decision. He said that it was not a bad idea to take his daughter along and he should have trusted his intuition.

The father and daughter returned home empty handed and the farmer had to go back to his day job to keep his family alive.

But the farmer and his daughter never gave up and they kept looking for another magical lensed. One day, they got a tip that a wealthy man in the neighbouring state had a magical lensed. The father and daughter went to the state and found the magical lensed.

When they returned home, the poor farmer used the lensed and became wealthy overnight. He kept his promise and gave the lensed to his daughter as a gift.

Moral of the Story: Never give up on your dreams and trust your intuition. Success is sure to come your way if you stay persistent and keep moving towards your goals.

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