Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Leisureless. Leisureless was a curious and energetic child, but his life was not as easy as it seemed. He lived in a small village near the sea, with his parents. Leisureless had a hard life, as his parents were both hardworking fishermen, who had no time to spend with him. Leisureless was lonely and often felt neglected, as his parents were always busy with their work.

One day, Leisureless went to the beach with his parents. While they were fishing, he decided to explore the beach. After walking for some time, he came across a rock that looked different from all the rest. He noticed that it was shaped like a miniature castle and decided to explore it.

When he reached the top of the rock, he saw a small hut with smoke coming out of its chimney. He was very curious and decided to explore the hut. As he entered the hut, he saw a small old woman sitting by the fire. She was knitting a scarf and looked very kind and gentle.

Leisureless introduced himself and told the old woman about his parents who were busy working all the time. The old woman listened keenly, and after hearing about Leisureless’s life, she asked him what he wanted in life, to which Leisureless answered that he wanted to have someone to talk to and spend time with.

The old woman smiled and said, “My boy, I have something to offer you. I will give you the power of time. With this, you will be able to do whatever you want in life and will never have to feel lonely or neglected ever again.”

Leisureless thanked the old woman, and she handed him a pair of glasses. She said these glasses will help him to manage his time better and make sure he never has to feel lonely ever again.

Leisureless went back home and tried the glasses. As soon as he put them on, he noticed that time seemed to have slowed down and he felt more aware of things around him. He started using the glasses to do all the things that he couldn’t do earlier due to his parents lack of time.

Leisureless started spending his time exploring the nearby villages, learning new things and having fun. He even started making friends and meeting new people.

Leisureless never felt alone or neglected ever again and he learned an important moral lesson with the help of the old woman – that one should make the most of their time and never waste it, no matter what kind of circumstances they might be in.

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