Once upon a time, deep in the woods, on the outskirts of a small village, there lived a mysterious creature, known only as the Leatherbush. It was a strange creature, with its bark being smooth, like leather, rather than the rough and scaly bark of most trees. It was said, that if one stepped inside its branches, they would be granted a wish.

The villagers of the area talked of the Leatherbush in hushed tones, with many mistaking it for some mythical creature out of their fairy tales. Of course, none of them had ever mustered up the courage to step within the Leatherbush’s branches, as there was a general fear of the unknown.

One day, a young boy by the name of John, who lived in the village, decided to brave the unknown and venture forth into the woods to see the mysterious Leatherbush. As he walked through the dense foliage, and crossed various streams, it became increasingly difficult to find his way. After what seemed like an eternity, John finally stumbled upon the Leatherbush.

He cautiously stepped inside, and immediately felt a strange sort of energy emanating from the tree. For several moments, he remained there, listening to the whispers of the trees, as if they were speaking to him! Suddenly, as if a light bulb had been switched on, his mind was filled with a sort of clarity. He knew, that he had been granted a wish, and he also knew, what he wished for.

John wished that he could one day, be the bravest person he could be, and help the people of his village in any way he could. He stepped out of the Leatherbush with a new found sense of courage and determination.

John’s wish eventually came true. Over the next few years, he was able to help his village in many ways. From helping the elderly to planting and tending to the crops, there was no task too difficult for John. He even went out of his way, to protect the village from a band of marauders and helped build a dam to irrigate the surrounding lands.

The villagers and the people of the nearby villages were so grateful to John, they spoke of his courage and bravery to all and sundry. John’s story soon spread, and he was known as the bravest man in the land.

John never forgot his wish and the mysterious Leatherbush. For even though, he had been gifted with courage and bravery, he still thought of the Leatherbush as the one who had given him the inner strength he needed to succeed.

The moral of this story is that courage is something that comes from within, and although we may not understand it or feel it, it is always there, waiting for us to discover it. Furthermore, if we are able to summon that courage, then there are no limits to what we can achieve.

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