Once upon a time, there was a small boy named Lapicide. He lived on a secluded farm in the countryside with his parents and two brothers.

Lapicide was a bright and curious boy and was always fascinated with the natural world around him. He loved spending time outdoors, playing in the fields, chasing butterflies, and running through the fields with his brothers.

One day, Lapicide’s curiosity got the best of him and he stumbled upon an old abandoned barn in the field. He decided to explore the barn and inside he found something that would change his life forever. It was a large white rabbit.

Lapicide instantly fell in love with the rabbit and he decided to take it home and keep it as a pet. His parents were not very happy about this, but they could not deny Lapicide’s love for the animal.

So, Lapicide kept the rabbit as his pet and named him “Lapicide the Rabbit”. Lapicide took very good care of his pet, and they soon became best friends. They would spend hours just playing and chasing each other in the fields.

Lapicide’s parents were still not happy about Lapicide having a pet rabbit and they tried to convince him to give it up. But Lapicide did not want to part with his pet, and no amount of convincing could change Lapicide’s mind.

One day, while Lapicide was out playing with Lapicide the Rabbit, they strayed too far from the farm and stumbled upon a small river. Lapicide was mesmerized by the beauty of the river and decided to take a closer look. Unfortunately, as Lapicide got closer to the river, he stumbled and tripped, landing into the water.

Lapicide the Rabbit, who was standing on the riverbank, saw his friend get swept away by the strong current. As Lapicide drifted down the river, Lapicide the Rabbit followed him, showing remarkable courage for such a small creature.

Eventually, Lapicide made it to the other side, where he was saved by a kind person. But Lapicide the Rabbit did not make it; he was swept away and never seen again.

Lapicide was devastated by the loss of his beloved pet. He had never been so sad and could not believe that the rabbit was gone forever.

Now, Lapicide knew that playing with Lapicide the Rabbit had been irresponsible and risky, and he regretted his decision to take such a big risk. But he also knew that Lapicide the Rabbit had been brave and loyal to him, and he knew that he will never forget his best friend.

Moral of the story: It’s important to think through our decisions carefully, to make sure that we don’t take unnecessary risks and put ourselves or our loved ones in danger.

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