Once upon a time in a small town, there lived a young girl named Laminable. Laminable was a very brave and curious kid who always wanted to explore the world around her. She was a very active and outgoing kid who enjoyed spending time outdoors.

Every morning Laminable would wake up and make her way to school. Herschool was located near a beautiful forest and every morning on her way she always took some time to explore the forest. She loved to see the trees, flowers and animals that inhabited the forest. On one such morning, Laminable decided to explore the forest a little deeper and that’s when she discovered a laminated flower.

The flower was so beautiful, with its petals shining in the sun and reflecting the light in a mesmerizing way. Laminable was fascinated by the flower and she instantly decided to take it home with her. She carefully plucked it off the stem and put it in her pocket.

Back at home, Laminable couldn’t help but admire the flower. She put it under her magnifying glass and examined its every feature. She knew that the flower would not survive in her room for long, so she decided to laminate it to preserve its beauty forever. With the help of her parents, she carefully laminated the flower and put it in an album.

Unfortunately, the flower started to wilt and fade away over the time and Laminable was heartbroken. She wished she could have done something to preserve the flower, but she had no way of doing it.

The next day, Laminable was determined to find a way to save her beloved flower. She decided to go back to the forest and see if she could find anything that could help her. After a long search, she stumbled upon a magical tree filled with laminated flowers. This time she was so excited to find what she was looking for.

Laminable was filled with joy as she carefully plucked all the flowers and laminated them, preserving their beauty forever. She also vowed to preserve the beauty of all the flowers she finds, so they can last forever.

The moral of the story is that when you find something you love, it’s important to preserve it forever. Whether it’s a flower, a memory, or an experience, you need to take the steps necessary to make sure it stays with you forever. To Laminable, it was laminating the flower and to us it could be preserving a special moment.

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