Once upon a time there was a young boy named Aadam. Aadam was a smart and curious child. He was always interested in learning about the world around him and he loved exploring nature. He lived with his family in a small village near the ocean.

One day, Aadam and his family went on a long journey. During the journey, Aadam noticed a mysterious pond. He went to take a closer look and stumbled upon a strange looking frog. The frog had two legs that were paralyzed. Aadam knew the frog was in danger and wanted to help. He quickly grabbed the frog and carried it out of the pond.

Back home, Aadam carefully examined the frog. He noticed the frog had a condition called laemoparalysis, which affects the nerves and muscles of the frog. Aadam was determined to help the frog. He took the frog to the vet, where the vet recommended him to seek the help of a specialist.

Aadam followed the vet’s advice and took the frog to a specialist. The specialist explained that laemoparalysis can cause profound damage to the nerves and muscles of the frog. He suggested Aadam to put the frog in a container and nurture it at home. Aadam followed the specialist’s advice and began to take care of the frog.

Aadam had never done anything like this before and was determined to help the frog recover. He fed the frog healthy food, played music to soothe it, and gave it regular baths. After months of care and attention, Aadam was pleased to see the frog recover and begin to move normally.

Aadam was overjoyed to have helped the frog. He had developed a bond with it and was sad to let it go. But he knew it was time for the frog to go back to its home. Aadam let the frog free in the wild and wished it a lot of luck and happiness.

Moral of the story:

In life, we may come across people and animals in need of our help. If we take the time to help them, it can make a huge difference in their life, and can bring us joy and satisfaction.

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