Once upon a time there was a small village of Koradji where everyone was very happy and content. The villagers were mostly farmers, who focused on their crops and livestock. The villagers were in constant tune with nature and their surroundings, thanks to the river that flowed through the village.

One day, a young boy named Dji, who was around ten years old, moved to Koradji. He was a curious, energetic, and lively youngster from the city. Dji was fascinated by the village and its inhabitants. Everywhere he went, he noticed how everyone was so connected with nature and how everyone lived in harmony and peace.

One day, Dji was playing near the river and stumbled upon a beautiful fish. The fish was the biggest one Dji had ever seen! He wanted to catch it but was unable to reach it. After a few attempts, he decided to throw a rock towards the river to scare the fish away. But he was not careful enough and the rock ended up hitting the fish and injuring it.

The villagers noticed what had happened and were furious. They scolded Dji for his carelessness and warned him to be more mindful of nature in the future. They explained to him that it was their responsibility to take care of nature and that nature was there to take care of them.

Dji felt guilty and ashamed of what he had done and knew that he should have been more careful. He learned a valuable lesson that day- to always respect the environment and be aware of his actions.

From then on, Dji was very careful and mindful of his actions. He showed great respect for the environment and always made sure to help others take care of nature as well. He quickly gained the villagers’ respect and love for helping protect nature and his newfound appreciation for it.

The moral of this story is that we should respect and take care of our environment. We should be mindful of how our actions can affect the environment, and be conscious of how we can help protect it instead of harm it. Taking care of our environment is a responsibility we all share and something we must do to ensure our planet’s health.

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