Once upon a time, there was a small village in Cambodia known as “Laughing River Village”. This was an incredibly peaceful and happy place where everyone shared in their joy and contentment. Every morning the villagers would gather in the village square and laugh together, telling jokes and stories to one another.

One day, an old man walked into the village with a basket full of fruits and vegetables. As the villagers welcomed him, they noticed that he was an old man, who looked tired and weary from his journey. The old man told them that he had come from far away in search of a special fruit that was said to be found in the Laughing River Valley.

The villagers were very touched by the old man’s story and offered to help him on his quest. One villager, named Chhun, agreed to guide the old man to the Laughing River Valley, and so the two set off together.

However, along the way, Chhun and the old man encountered many obstacles and dangers. Though Chhun was a brave and strong man, the old man was tired and weak and could not keep up with him. Despite all the obstacles, Chhun never lost his faith in finding the special fruit, and he continued to push forward, determined to help the old man find what he was looking for.

Finally, at the end of their journey, the two arrived at the Laughing River Valley. The old man was delighted to find that the fruit he had been searching for was in abundance there. He thanked Chhun for his help and they returned to the village with the special fruit.

When they returned to the village, the old man declared that the special fruit was called the “Khmer Fruit”. He told the villagers that it was the most precious fruit in the world, and that it held the key to happiness and contentment in life. He said that if they shared the fruit with others, then peace and joy would forever be theirs.

The villagers were filled with joy and began to share the Khmer fruit with one another. As the old man had promised, the village became an even happier place. Every morning, the villagers laughed and shared stories again – but this time it was with a newfound understanding of the importance of sharing one’s joy with others.

The moral of this story is that sharing happiness is the key to contentment and joy in life. When we share our joy with others, we create an even more joyful and peaceful world for everyone.

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