Once upon a time there lived a poor yet happy family in a small village. The father was a hardworking farmer, the mother was a loving homemaker, and the children were three playful and energetic brothers.

The brothers were the best of friends and would often spend their days playing in the fields, gathering fruits and chasing each other. The parents adored their children and would always make sure they had enough to eat, even if it meant sacrificing some of their own needs.

One day, the youngest brother – let’s call him John – was playing in the fields when he stumbled upon a peculiar looking stone. It was a very strange looking stone, with mysterious markings all over it. He had never seen anything like it before and was very intrigued by it.

Taking the stone home, John showed his brothers and parents the stone and asked if he could keep it. With a bit of coaxing and prodding from his brothers, his father finally agreed, on the condition that he kept it inside the house and never took it outside.

Of course, John agreed to his father’s condition and the stone was locked away in a small chest and kept in the corner of the house.

From then on, John would often take the stone out of the chest and admire its peculiar markings. He found himself drawn to it, yet he struggled to understand what they meant.

One day, while John was playing in the fields, he encountered an old man who appeared to know a great deal about the stone. He revealed to John that the stone was a magical stone and it has the power to grant its keeper one wish, as long as he swore a sacred oath to never tell anyone about his wish.

John’s eyes lit up with excitement and he quickly agreed to the old man’s terms. He swore the oath, and made his wish. He wished for his family to never have to worry about money ever again.

The next day, the family was surprised to find a large sum of money had been deposited into their bank account. With this money, they were able to buy a bigger house, send their children to school and provide themselves with a better quality of life.

John was overjoyed to see his family living a better life, but he also felt guilty for keeping his wish a secret. He knew that he had sworn an oath and he had to keep it, but he wished he could share his happiness with his family.

Months later, John’s guilt had grown to a point where he couldn’t take it anymore. He finally admitted to his parents and brothers about the magical stone and his wish and promised to never repeat his mistake again.

The family thanked John for his honesty and praised him for doing the right thing – even though it was hard for him to do it. John’s brothers admired him for his strength of character and promised to never keep secrets from their family again.

Moral: Keeping secrets from your loved ones can bring guilt and pain and can even threaten relationships. It is always best to be honest to those you love, even if it’s hard.

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