Once upon a time, there lived two best friends named Jumentous and Yalang. Jumentous had a small, coal-black stallion, which he used to ride every day with Yalang.

Every day, the two friends would go out and explore the plains. They would pass through the valleys, over small hills, and explore the many forests and rivers that they encountered.

One day, they encountered a mysterious castle in the middle of a valley. They decided to go inside the castle out of curiosity. They were met by a nice old man who invited them to stay the night.

The old man told them that the castle belonged to a powerful dragon called Jumentous. He said that Jumentous had been the ruler of this kingdom for many years and that he had used his strength and power to protect it from any threats.

On the second day of their visit, the old man told Jumentous and Yalang about a secret passage to an underground cave. He said that if they ventured into the cave, they would be able to find a magical stone that would give them any wish they desired.

Jumentous and Yalang were so excited that they quickly followed the old man’s directions and eventually found the magical stone. However, as soon as they touched it, they heard a loud roar coming from the dragon Jumentous.

Jumentous was very angry that they had dared to enter his domain and take the magical stone. He quickly flew out of the castle and landed right in front of them. Jumentous demanded that they give him back the stone and return to their homes.

Yalang pleaded with the dragon, but Jumentous was adamant on having the stone. He threatened to burn down the kingdom if they did not return the stone. Jumentous was so angry that it seemed like he was ready to do anything to get what he wanted.

Seeing no other option, Jumentous reluctantly agreed to give up the stone. However, as soon as he did, the dragon quickly flew away back to his castle and disappeared.

Jumentous and Yalang were disappointed that they hadn’t been able to see what was in the cave or get their wish granted. But, at least, they had avoided disaster, which saved their kingdom.

Moral: It’s often better to exercise restraint, as uncontrolled anger can lead to difficult situations.

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