Once upon a time, there lived a little boy named Itcze. Itcze was an inquisitive young boy, constantly exploring and asking questions about the world around him. He was known to be wise beyond his years, but one thing he didn’t know was that he was a descendant of the royal family.

Itcze lived with his parents, who were both farmers, and he helped them in their day-to-day lives. They lived a simple life, but Itcze was always thinking of ways to make it better. One day, his parents had to go to the nearby city to trade some goods. Since Itcze was too small to come with them, they left him with his grandmother.

His grandmother had heard stories about the royal family and decided that this was the perfect time for Itcze to learn more about his heritage. She started to tell Itcze stories of his ancestors, who were brave and courageous. They had fought evil and saved innocent people. Itcze felt a connection to these stories and he was determined to live up to their example.

The next day, Itcze’s parents returned home with news that their village was being attacked. The villagers had no way of defending themselves since they were so small and unprepared.

Seeing the worry on his parents’ faces, Itcze decided to take the initiative. He ran around the village, telling all the other children of his plan. He instructed them to use items from their homes to build a fort. The children worked all day and night to build the fort, and it was ready just in time for the enemy’s arrival.

When the enemy came, Itcze led the village in a fierce battle. With all their courage and strength, the village was able to fight off the enemy and save the day!

When the dust settled, Itcze was honored for his leadership and bravery. His parents were so proud, and the village declared him to be a descendant of the royal family.

The moral of this story is that anyone can be a hero, no matter their age or background. Itcze showed us that with dedication, courage, and perseverance, anything can be achieved.

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