Once upon a time there lived a boy named Sam. He was an earnest and mischievous kid who never lost an opportunity to create trouble. Sam had a twin sister named Amy and they were inseparable. Whenever something fun was happening, they both were sure to be part of it.

One day, the twins and their friends were playing a game of hide and seek. Sam and Amy were both part of the seekers’ team and the game was really intense. As the game went on, the twins got more and more excited and the thrill of the game made them forget about all else.

A few hours later, the family of the twins was about to leave for an outing. Despite warnings from their parents to stay close and not wander away, the twins couldn’t help but to continue playing the game. They couldn’t remember the time and totally forgot about the important rendezvous.

When the family was all ready to leave, they were informed that Amy and Sam were not ready! Upon searching, they were found still playing the game. Furious, their parents scolded them and asked them to get ready right away.

The twins were so embarrassed that they promised not to forget important things again. From that day on, they made sure to never forget important events and take note of the time whenever they had to do any task.

Moral of the story: Irretentiveness can lead to embarrassing and difficult situations. We should always remember important events and give priority to tasks which are important.

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