Once, in a small village, two goats named Paddy and Brody were the best of friends, always playing and gallivanting around the meadows and vale nearby. They were constantly getting into mischief, and none of the villagers knew what the two were up to.

One day, Paddy and Brody got into a heated argument over a silly game that neither could agree on. Soon, the argument escalated into a heated argument, with both goats refusing to back down. Before long, the two goats had developed an irreconcilable disagreement, and even though they were once the best of friends, they quickly turned into bitter enemies.

Every time Paddy and Brody met, they would argue even more and eventually, the villagers had had enough. Even though the two goats had once been friends, the villagers had to separate them for the sake of peace.

Paddy and Brody, each in their own little corner of the village, soon became lonely, missing each other and all the fun they used to have. Seeing their misery, the villagers decided to intervene and try to reconcile the two goats.

A wise old goat, named Pops, was called in to try to make peace between the two young goats. Pops tried to show them the silly nature of their disagreement and to make them understand that true friendship was more important than any petty argument. Pops used stories and illustrations to try and make them understand, but it seemed to have little effect.

Finally, Pops tried one more thing. He brought Paddy and Brody to the very spot where they had had their first argument. There, Pops made them look at each other, and asked them to remember why they had been friends in the first place.

The two goats, almost simultaneously, remembered their joy and the fun they used to have. Paddy and Brody hugged and apologized, promising to never quarrel over such silly things again.

Moral: True friendship is more important than any argument. No matter how irreconcilable the differences, true friends can always find a way to make peace.

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