There once was a young girl named Iri. She had a beautiful, vibrant aura that could light up a room. She was always cheerful and full of life, but she also had a deep inner wisdom that she often had trouble expressing to others.

One day, Iri went for a walk in the woods. As she was walking, she noticed a bright light emanating from a distant tree. She was intrigued and decided to explore. As she got closer, the light seemed to be coming from the leaves of the tree. Upon closer inspection, Iri noticed that the leaves were iridescent, reflecting the light in a dazzling array of rainbow colors.

Iri had never seen anything like it! She was mesmerized by the beauty and wished she could take some of the leaves home with her. But then she realized that it would be wrong to take something so magical away from its home.

So Iri decided to take a different approach. Instead of taking the leaves with her, she decided to bring the iridescent beauty within her. She closed her eyes and imagined the rainbow light shining within her, surrounded by a beautiful iridescent glow. She focused on this image and imagined every cell in her body glowing with the same vibrant energy as the leaves.

After a while, Iri opened her eyes and marveled at the sight. The leaves of the tree were still shimmering, but so was Iri. As she looked at her hands, she could see a faint iridescent glow surrounding them. She had successfully found a way to bring the beauty of the tree within her.

Iri was overjoyed. She now understood what it felt like to become one with the beauty of nature. She no longer felt a need to take anything away from its home. Instead, she was content to just enjoy the beauty she found within.

Moral of the story: We can all find beauty in nature and within ourselves if we are willing to look. We don’t have to take from nature to appreciate its beauty, as we can tap into its energy and bring the beauty within ourselves.

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