Once upon a time, there lived a family of three, a mother, a father and a son. The father, a passionate businessman, had a dream to give the best life to his family. But his dream was shattered when a terrible accident left him bedridden.

The mother had to take up the mantle and give her family the life they deserved. She had to become the breadwinner, a decision she was not ready to take but had no choice. In her new role, she came across many challenges, a few of them included managing the finances and taking care of her ailing husband.

One day, while caring for her husband, she discovered that she was pregnant. It was a moment of joy and delight in the family, until they realized that the pregnancy was not a normal one. The baby was suffering from Intranatal, a condition which causes the baby to be born with medical issues.

The doctors suggested a series of tests to check the baby’s health and the mother had no options but to agree. After the tests, the doctors informed them about the possibilities of their termination of the baby.

The mother was heartbroken at this news and decided to carry the baby for as long as she could, no matter the health complications. She was determined to do her best to ensure that the baby would make it through the pregnancy and be born into this world, healthy and strong.

The months passed by and the baby grew healthily. During this time, the mother and father focused on creating the best environment for the baby. They made sure that their son was provided with the best nutrition, health care and love.

The day of the delivery finally arrived and the mother gave birth to a healthy, beautiful baby. All the fear and anxiety was gone and the family was finally able to start their new life with the little bundle of joy.

The mother never lost hope and faith and took the risk of expecting a baby with intranatal. This story teaches us that life is unpredictable and we should never give up on out dreams, no matter how difficult the circumstances are. Even when the odds are against us, we must have the courage to look at the bright side and keep that hope alive.

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