Once upon a time there lived a family of four children in a small village, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The family was poor and the parents had to work hard every day to provide for their children.

The oldest of the four, who was called Laila, had always been a curious and inquisitive child. She loved exploring the surroundings and playing in the fields. She was always the one to come up with new ideas and loves trying new things.

One day, when Laila was playing in the fields, she stumbled upon an old, interwoven basket. She was fascinated by the intricate patterns and decided to pick it up and explore what was inside. Much to her amazement, the basket contained a small, golden key.

But there was much more than just a key in the basket, there was a note as well. The note read, “To the one who finds the key, riches will be yours if you find the right door”.

Laila was overjoyed by this discovery and began searching for the door that corresponded with the key. She searched up and down the village, but nothing seemed to fit.

Eventually, she decided to take a risk and try the door to the family’s old barn. Much to her surprise, the key fit perfectly and when she opened the door, she was stunned to find a room filled with gold and jewels. She knew that this was the answer to her family’s prayers.

She quickly ran to her family with the news and soon enough, the family’s fortunes had changed. They were now able to live a comfortable life, free from poverty.

Laila’s adventurous spirit and inquisitiveness had led her to discover something that changed the course of her family’s life.

The moral of this story is that inquisitiveness and bravery can bring great rewards. We should never be afraid to take risks or explore our surroundings, as great things can come of it.

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