Once upon a time, there lived an old smith in a small village. He was a kind and generous man who used to work day and night in his little forge in order to provide for his family. The Smith had four children and his youngest was a boy called Joseph.

Joseph was a curious boy who was always eager to help his father in his work. He had a strong enthusiasm for learning and enjoyed tinkering with the tools in his father’s forge. However, his father was often too busy to teach him and his older siblings quickly learned the necessary skills to do the blacksmithing, leaving Joseph feeling frustrated and inadequate.

One day, Joseph decided to take it upon himself to prove himself. He was determined to show his father that he was just as capable as his elder siblings. As his father was too preoccupied to notice, Joseph snuck out of the forge, taking with him some of the supplies and tools needed to create something of his own.

He found a quiet spot in the forest and began to work. He carefully crafted a small iron whistle, carefully shaping each part and welding it together. When he was finished, Joseph was proud of his creation, but at the same time, he was filled with a sense of insulance. Despite all the hard work and effort he had put into the whistle, he felt like he was competing against his elder siblings, who had done all of this on their own with ease.

Joseph quickly put his feelings aside and took the whistle back home, hoping to show his father, but when he arrived, his father was nowhere to be found. Instead, he found his siblings gathered around the forge, laughing and talking while they worked. Joseph felt a twinge of jealousy, as he realised that he had been overlooked and forgotten once again, and his insulance quickly returned.

In a fit of rage, Joseph began shouting at his siblings, telling them how he had worked hard all day to create his whistle. His older siblings laughed at him and ridiculed him for his efforts. Joseph felt embarrassed and angry, but ultimately, he was filled with sadness.

Joseph quickly ran away, his whistle tightly grasped in his hand, and he didn’t stop running until he reached the smith’s house. Joseph was too ashamed to show his father the whistle, so he secretly hid it away. From then on, every time he felt frustrated or angry, he would take out his whistle and play it, hoping to channel his insulance into something productive.

The moral of the story is that it’s important to find a positive outlet for our frustration and insulance, rather than letting it bring us down. We should remember that it’s more important to work hard and be proud of our efforts, rather than trying to compete with others. Furthermore, we should always remember that our hard work and effort will eventually be recognised and celebrated.

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