Once upon a time there lived a family of seven in a beautiful village. The family included a loving father, a patient mother, a young daughter, and four sons. The father had recently inherited a big fortune from his father and the family was living quite comfortably. The father was always encouraging the children to work hard and be honest in all that they did.

One day, the father was out of town for work. While he was away his four sons decided to explore a nearby forest. While exploring, they stumbled upon a hidden cave. As they entered the cave, they discovered a secret chamber filled with gold coins, precious jewelry, and many other valuables.

The four brothers were overwhelmed and in total disbelief as they had never seen so much wealth in their lives. They decided to take some of the treasure and hide it within the family home. As the days passed, the boys became careless and began to flaunt their newfound wealth in front of their neighbours.

Eventually, word of their wealth spread throughout the village and the villagers started to get jealous of the brothers’ newfound wealth. People started to whisper behind their backs and gossip about the family’s sudden wealth.

When the father returned home, he noticed that his sons had been spending a lot of money without any explanation. As soon as he asked them where they had gotten the money from, they reluctantly told him the truth and showed him the cave and the treasure they had found.

The father was very angry at his sons for not telling him the truth and not being honest. He told them that it was very wrong of them to keep this secret from him and that they had to return the wealth to its rightful owners.

The brothers agreed and they all went back to the cave and returned all the treasure to its rightful owners. The father was proud of his sons’ courage and honesty and instilled in them the importance of ethical behaviour and the value of inheriting the right kind of wealth.

In the end, the father taught his sons the important lesson that true wealth is not only about money, but about the values and responsibilities we should all strive to live by. Inheritance is not only about the material wealth that we receive, but also about the morals and values we learn and pass on to the next generation.

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