Once upon a time, in a small village, there lived a young boy named John. He was a smart and curious boy, always asking questions and seeking out new knowledge.

John’s parents ran a small farm and while they were not wealthy they taught their son the value of hard work. Every day, John would help his parents in the fields, learning everything he could about how to properly till soil and how to tend to their crops.

One day, a visitor came to the village. He was an elderly man, dressed quite nicely and with a great air of authority. He looked around at the villagers and found that the soil was quite fertile, so he decided to take the opportunity to start a business.

He approached John’s father and offered him a deal. He would provide the necessary supplies and equipment to build a new irrigation system, and in return he wanted a portion of John’s time to help in its construction. John’s father hesitated for a moment, unsure if it was a wise decision to have his son work for a stranger. However, the promise of a better life for the whole family was too tempting to pass up, so he accepted the offer.

John worked hard to construct the irrigation system. He was reliable and eager to learn; the old man took the time to teach him all he knew about the craft.

As time passed, the old man and John became close. The old man came to see John as a son, someone he could entrust with his knowledge and wisdom. As a reward for his hard work, the old man presented John with a valuable gift: a necklace of bright rubies that had been passed down through generations of his family.

John was overjoyed and grateful for such an amazing gift. Knowing that this necklace was priceless, the old man warned John to never loan or give away the necklace, for it could never be replaced or retrieved. He told him that the necklace was not to be sold either, for it was a symbol of his trust.

John understood the importance of the necklace, and vowed to never part with it. Even when life got tough, he never sold or loaned the necklace, faithfully keeping it closed to him.

John’s faithfulness and loyalty paid off in the end. With the help of the new irrigation system, John’s family was soon able to harvest better crops and make a comfortable living.

Moral of the story:

The moral of this story is that imprescriptibility is a noble trait to have. It is important to remain faithful and loyal to those who trust and depend on you, for in the end you will be the one who benefits the most.

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