Once upon a time there lived a poor family in a small cottage. They had three young children named Abigail, Henry and Ella. They all lived in extreme poverty, barely living off of the little money they could make.

One day, a beautiful patch of land was up for sale, which was just a few miles away from the family’s cottage. Abigail, who was the eldest of the three children, was very excited and asked her parents if they could buy it.

After a lot of debating, Abigail’s parents finally agreed to buy the land. Abigail’s small family was over the moon with joy and started to make plans for the future. They saved some of the money they had and bought some tools and seeds and decided to start farming.

The family started planting all sorts of vegetables, fruits and other crops. With hard work and determination, their hard work paid off and in a few years, the land became lush and green. They had a thriving crop which was attracting many visitors from the neighboring villages.

The landowners who lived in the village were very pleased with the family’s success and bless them with a special gift. It was a magical seed, which when planted would grow into a massive tree that was known as the hypertrophous tree.

The family was surprised and amazed by the gift. They planted the seed in their land and went about tending to it for months. Soon enough, it grew and grew, until it was the biggest tree in the entire village.

The tree provided a plethora of fruits and shade, and became the favorite spot for people to take rest and relax. It was beautiful, it was majestic and it had become the symbol of the family’s hard work and determination.

Though they had achieved success and a better life, the family never forgot their humble beginnings and always stayed true to their values.

Moral: Hard work and determination can help one to achieve anything one desires. Even if one never forgets their humble beginnings, success is still possible.

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