Once upon a time, in a far away land there lived a young girl named Molly. She was a bright and curious child who loved exploring the nearby woods and playing with her friends in the village.

One day, while exploring the woods, Molly stumbled across a lake. It was an unusually beautiful lake with shimmering blue water, and she felt a strange connection to it. As she stared at the lake, she noticed something strange. There were a number of strange, bulbous growths near the shoreline that she had never seen before.

Molly decided to investigate further and waded into the cold water. As she approached the growths, she discovered that they were actually eyeballs! A closer look revealed that the eyeballs had eyelashes, and there were even pupils that could be seen in the center of them. Molly had discovered a lake full of hydrophthalmia, a rare condition where extra eyeballs form in the water.

Molly was fascinated by the creatures. She named them ‘hydrops’ and spent many hours observing them. She noticed that the hydrops seemed to be able to communicate with each other, though she couldn’t understand them. She also noticed that they had a strong sense of community, and were always helping each other out.

Molly eventually realized that the hydrops were living an important but difficult life. Though they had extra eyeballs, the hydrops were missing some important things that all living creatures need in order to survive. They had no way of getting food or defending themselves from predators.

Molly decided to help the hydrops. She started bringing them food from her village, and created makeshift shelters for them to protect them from predators. She also took it upon herself to teach them how to catch their own food and fight off predators.

Molly’s efforts made a tremendous difference in the hydrops’ lives. Slowly but surely, they began to thrive and live a more normal life. Molly was so proud of her achievements, and felt a deep bond with the hydrops.

The moral of this story is that small acts of kindness can have a huge impact. Molly’s selfless efforts made a huge difference in the lives of the hydrops, and it just goes to show that no matter how small a gesture may seem, it can have a huge effect on someone’s life.

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