Once upon a time there lived a small donkey called Hoof. He lived in the outskirts of a small village and every morning used to plod along to the village in search of carrots, barley and some other grass for his meals. His owner was a shepherd and used to give him some food every morning when he left for his work.

The days went by and one day, the village was hit by a storm. Hoof was afraid and struggled to find shelter. He saw a small cave and hid himself there. Inside the cave, he found a magical lamp. It was a special lamp that had the ability to grant wishes. He rubbed the lamp and suddenly a genie appeared before him.

The genie asked Hoof what he wanted and Hoof said, “I want to become a human”. The genie granted his wish and he immediately changed into a boy. He was surprised by his new form and was happy that he could now explore the world on his own.

One day, he went to the market and saw a beautiful horse. He wanted to have the horse so he asked the genie to make him a horse. The genie granted his wish and he changed into a beautiful cream-colored horse.

He was proud of his new form and was eager to explore the world as a horse. But he soon realized that his horse form was not as good as he thought it to be. He could not walk very far in his horse form and could no longer see his friends. He went back to the genie and asked him to make him a donkey again. The genie obliged and Hoof changed back into a donkey again.

Moral: Whatever form we may take, it is important to remember who we really are. Our true form is the one that matters.

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