Once upon a time, there lived a small village near a forest. In this village, there lived a very kind and loving family of four members – the father, mother, son, and daughter.

The father was a great leader and a wise man of the village. He was respected and admired by all the villagers. He believed in the principle of hierarchy as he thought that a society could work only if it was governed in an orderly way.

The father had two children – a son and a daughter. The son was a hardworking and obedient boy, while the daughter was quite rebellious and headstrong. Despite the difference in their personalities, the father was very fond of both his children and treated them equally.

One day, the father decided to teach his children a lesson in hierarchy. He took them to the forest and asked them to pick out twigs with their hands. The daughter picked out the bigger twigs while the son picked up the smaller ones.

When they returned home, the father asked his daughter to give the bigger twigs to his son. She was confused and asked why. The father told her that this was the way hierarchy worked in a society and that it was necessary for a smooth functioning. She reluctantly gave the bigger twigs to her brother.

The father then asked his son to give the smaller twigs to his sister. The son was surprised and asked why. The father replied that this was how a society was governed and that it fostered respect for one another. The son complied and gave the smaller twigs to his sister.

The father then explained to both his children the importance of hierarchy and how it was necessary for any society to be successful. He told them that it was important to respect and adhere to the hierarchy, even if one did not always agree with it.

The father’s lesson was not in vain and the children learned the importance of respecting hierarchy in a society. They understood that without respect for the authority, there could be chaos and disorder.

The moral of the story is that respect for hierarchy is essential for a harmonious society. Everyone should understand and follow the rules of hierarchy in order to ensure peace and order in the society.

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