Once upon a time there lived a young boy named Arun who dreamed of becoming a doctor one day. He was a bright and curious child who was always asking questions and learning new things. He was fascinated by the world around him and always eager to learn more.

One day, Arun asked his parents about genetics and the differences between people. They explained to him that everyone inherits genetic information from their parents and that this information is either homozygous or heterozygous. Homozygous means that the two alleles inherited from each parent are the same, while heterozygous means that the two alleles inherited from each parent are different.

Arun was intrigued by this concept and wanted to learn more. After doing some research, he learned that heterozygous means having two different versions of a specific gene. This information can be used to explain why two siblings can look different, or why two people in the same family can have different physical traits.

Arun was so inspired by this information that he decided he wanted to become a geneticist. He started to study genetics and soon became an expert in the field. He also decided to help other people who were curious about genetics or had questions about their own genetic makeup.

One day, Arun was contacted by a couple who were having trouble conceiving a child. They had been trying for years, but nothing seemed to work. Arun took a look at their genetic information and realized that the husband was homozygous for several traits, while the wife was heterozygous.

Arun explained to them that since they were heterozygous, they had a much better chance of conceiving a child. He also suggested that they try IVF since the heterozygosity of their genetic makeup could potentially create a much higher chance of success with in-vitro fertilization. Sure enough, after a few tries with IVF, the couple was able to conceive the child they had so desperately wanted.

The couple was so grateful for Arun’s help that they gave him a monetary reward for his work. Arun was very happy and thanked them for their generosity.

Arun’s story illustrates the power of heterozygous genes. Not only can this knowledge be used to help couples have children, but it can also help people better understand the differences between individuals within a family. This knowledge can also be used to explain why two siblings can look so different.

Moral of the story: Understanding genetics can be a powerful tool for understanding and helping other people. It can also teach us about ourselves, and why we’re each unique.

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