Once upon a time, in a village far away, lived a young boy named Hemorrhodin. He was a shy and quiet boy, but kind-hearted and hard-working. He would often go out into the fields to help his father with the farm and take care of the animals. One day, he found a small rabbit caught in one of the traps, and instead of allowing the animal to suffer, Hemorrhodin freed it and took it home, where he nursed it back to health.

The rabbit, whom Hemorrhodin had named Flopsy, quickly became his best friend. He would often take Flopsy walking with him through the fields and enjoy the sunny days together. As they walked, Hemorrhodin would often tell Flopsy stories and sing him songs. Flopsy would look up at Hemorrhodin and listen to him with admiration.

One day, Hemorrhodin came across a group of children playing a game. He wanted to join them but was too shy to approach. He watched them silently with Flopsy by his side, and after a while, the children noticed him.

The children asked him why he was standing there, so Hemorrhodin explained that he was too shy to join because he had never played the game before. The children seemed to understand, and they all decided to teach Hemorrhodin how to play.

Hemorrhodin was soon having a blast, but suddenly, he heard something that made him freeze in terror. It was an angry bull, who was coming straight for him!

The children all scattered, but Hemorrhodin had no time to run away. He immediately jumped onto Flopsy’s back and the two of them rode away as fast as they could. Just as the bull was about to catch up with them, Flopsy veered off towards the river.

The bull could not follow, and Hemorrhodin and Flopsy made it to safety. The two of them were exhausted after their harrowing escape, but they hugged each other in joy.

The moral of the story is that courage and kindness will help you in any situation. Even in the most desperate times, a brave and compassionate heart will guide you to safety. It is also important to remember that true friendship can help you in times of need. Hemorrhodin found this to be true with the help of his best friend Flopsy.

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