Once upon a time in a far away land, there lived a small village called Halmalille. The village was tiny and its people lived in peace and harmony. Everyone in the village had their own craft and they were all very good at it. The village had a good supply of food and water, and the farmers and fishermen used their skills to make sure everyone had enough to eat.

The village of Halmalille was ruled by a wise and kind king named King Ackoi. He had a daughter named Halma who was his most beloved child. She was very loving and kind and everyone in the village loved her.

One day, a fierce storm hit the village and all the crops were destroyed. King Ackoi had no choice but to send his daughter Halma to the nearby town to find help and supplies to save their village.

Halma left the village with a heavy heart, knowing it might be the last time she would ever see her family and friends. She walked for days until she reached the town. When she arrived, the people there welcomed her warmly and offered her food and shelter.

Halma spent many days in the town trying to figure out how to save Halmalille. Finally, she came up with a plan. She asked the people of the town to donate food and supplies to help the village get back on its feet. Soon enough, the people of the town responded to Halma’s plea and everyone in Halmalille was saved.

King Ackoi was very proud of his daughter and everyone in the village was very thankful for her efforts. Halma had learned an important lesson that day: that in times of need, we must help one another.

With the moral of the story being that in times of need, we must help one another and come together as a community no matter what.

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