Once upon a time, in the Hadhramautian city of Say’un, lived a poor family of three. The family consisted of a father, a mother, and a son. The father worked very hard as a cobbler and the mother worked hard as a seamstress but despite their hard work, the family was still quite poor.

The son was a very ambitious little boy and he wanted to do something to make the family’s life a lot better. One day, he saw an old man in the market and he went up to him and asked the man if he knew of any way he could make some sort of difference to their lives.

The old man looked at the eager boy and he smiled. He told the boy that he was looking out for a student to pass on his knowledge to and he had seen something in him that he thought would be suitable. He asked the boy if he wanted to learn the art of blacksmithing and the boy readily agreed.

So, the boy started learning blacksmithing from the old man and with each passing day, the boy’s skills kept improving. The boy worked hard and soon he was able to make small swords, shields and other weapons that he could sell in the market. The boy’s family was now able to lead a much better life than before, all thanks to the boy’s hard work.

The boy was sure that he could make even more money if he had some material that he could work with. He asked his teacher for some material and the teacher obliged. However, what the teacher gave him was not what he had expected. Instead of giving him the materials, he gave him some money so that he could purchase the materials himself.

The boy was quite hesitant at first, but the old man convinced him that this was the right thing to do. He said that if the boy used the money wisely and bought the right materials, then he could make good money. The boy followed his teacher’s advice and was soon able to become quite successful in blacksmithing.

All his hard work and dedication paid off and eventually, the boy and his family were able to own a large house and they lived a comfortable life.

The moral of the story is that hard work and dedication can make all your dreams come true. No matter how tough the situation may be, if you put your mind to it and work hard, you will definitely be able to achieve your goals.

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