Once upon a time, there lived a little boy named Gweeon. He lived in a small village, but he had a big imagination. He enjoyed exploring the countryside and daydreaming of faraway places, especially the mysterious and distant lands of the East.

One day, Gweeon decided to explore a nearby forest that held many secrets, including one of Gweeon’s favorite: the magical fountain of wishes. Gweeon would often pass by the fountain on his adventures and make wishes for the things he wanted.

On this particular day, Gweeon made a wish for a dragon to accompany him on his travels. To his surprise, his wish came true, and a dragon soon appeared before him. Gweeon was ecstatic and he quickly climbed on the dragon’s back and set off into the unknown.

The two traveled far and wide, seeing many amazing places and meeting interesting people along the way. Through their adventures, Gweeon and the dragon became close friends, and the dragon was always there to support Gweeon when times got tough.

One day, Gweeon and the dragon arrived in a town that was in turmoil. The townspeople were at odds with one another and refusing to talk to each other. Gweeon noticed that the fountain of wishes was at the center of the dispute and knew he had to do something.

Gweeon came up with an idea of sharing the fountain with the townspeople. He asked the dragon to create a new fountain for every person in town, so that everyone could have their own fountain with which to make their wishes.

The townspeople were skeptical at first, but eventually saw the wisdom in Gweeon’s idea. Each person had their own fountain and were able to make their wishes peacefully and without conflict.

The moral of this story is that cooperation and understanding can bring about peace and harmony. No matter how difficult a situation may seem at first, everyone can work together to find a solution that works for everyone.

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