Once upon a time there was a young boy named Luke. Luke was 8 years old and loved to explore the world around him. He was always asking questions about why things were the way they were. His parents, who were both scientists, always encouraged him to use his curiosity and use the scientific method to explore and answer his own questions.

One day, when Luke was out in the park near his house, he noticed something strange. There were two signs that were identical in shape and color but the words on it were completely different. Luke couldn’t figure out how two signs that were so similar could have such different sayings.

He decided to do some guesswork and find out what the two signs meant. He reasoned that if both signs were the same in shape and color, then the words must mean something different. He looked at the signs and noticed that one said “No Playing” and the other said “No Pets”.

So, Luke reasoned that the “No Playing” sign was meant to keep children from playing in the park, while the “No Pets” sign was meant to keep animals from entering the grounds. He figured out that these signs must be there for a reason.

He thought about why these signs were there and he realized that it was probably so people and animals would be safe from each other. He figured out that by following the rules, he could help keep the park a safe place for everyone.

This story about Luke’s guesswork shows us that sometimes it’s okay to be curious and take guesses at things. We can use science and logic to help us figure out what the right answer is. As long as we are respectful of others and our environment, we can stay safe. The moral of the story is to always use your best judgement and respect others, even if you don’t always know the whole answer.

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