Once upon a time, there was a small fish who lived in a deep sea. His name was Guardfish. He was a brave fish who always wanted to explore the undersea world and make new friends.

One day Guardfish decided to journey far into the depths of the sea. He swam around the coral reefs and admired the colorful creatures that inhabited the area. As he kept swimming, he soon encountered a group of sharks. The sharks had big, mean eyes and their mouths were full of sharp teeth. Guardfish was scared but he stayed determined and swam closer, wanting to make friends.

The sharks weren’t too friendly at first. They kept telling him to go away because they were afraid of him. Guardfish, however, would not take no for an answer. He kept swimming around them and even followed them, hoping that he could eventually earn their trust.

Finally, the sharks began to warm up to Guardfish. They let him tag along and soon enough, the two groups became friends. From then on, the sharks would go on adventures with Guardfish, and Guardfish would protect them from any danger.

The sharks and Guardfish were great friends and would always look out for one another. Even though Guardfish was small compared to the sharks, he never backed down from a challenge. He was brave, loyal and courageous and because of his friendship with the sharks, he became known throughout the sea as the Guardfish.

Moral of the Story:

No matter how big or small you are, you can always be brave and make new friends. Size doesn’t matter. What matters is the courage you have in yourself and your willingness to make an effort to be accepted by others.

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