Once upon a time, there was a young boy named Mark who lived in a small village on the outskirts of town. Mark was an adventurous and imaginative child who loved spending his days exploring the nearby woods and fields.

One day, Mark stumbled across a mysterious graveyard. He had never seen anything like it before, and he was immediately intrigued. Mark decided to venture inside the graveyard and explore it for himself.

The graveyard was full of old and eerie looking headstones made from marble and granite. Mark was both scared and fascinated by what he saw. He wandered through the graveyard, looking at the different headstones and inscriptions. As he did so, he noticed that there were several graves that were unmarked.

He wondered why these graves were not marked, and why no one had taken the time to remember and honor the deceased buried beneath them. He decided that he would do something to honor them, so he spent the next few days clearing the graves, weeding the grass and laying stones to mark each one.

Mark had just finished honoring the forgotten souls when he heard the distant sound of a bell ringing. He assumed that someone must have been trying to call him back home, so he quickly started to make his way back. As he made his way through the graveyard, however, he noticed something strange.

A strange fog had started to envelope the graveyard, and he could no longer see the gateway that he had come through. Mark was desperate to get home, but he was also scared that he would be stuck in the graveyard forever. He decided to take a chance, and he started to make his way through the fog, following a path that he hoped would lead him home.

As Mark made his way through the fog, he encountered several strange and eerie things. He heard whispers in the air and saw things that he could never have imagined. He was terrified, but he kept going, determined to make it home.

Eventually, Mark made it home, and he was relieved to be back safe with his family. The experience had opened his eyes to some of the forgotten souls that have been buried in the graveyard, and he was determined to honor them in his own way.

Moral of the story: It is important to remember and honor the people who have gone before us and those who have been forgotten. No matter how strange and scary something may seem, sometimes all it takes is a little courage and faith to get through it.

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