Once upon a time, there was a small village nestled in the hills of a far off land, where all the villagers lived in peace and harmony. In this village, there lived a farmer, who was known for being the most hardworking and generous man in the village. He had a large farm and many animals, including a single goat.

Every morning, the farmer would wake up before the sun and take his goat out to graze in the hills. But one day, his goat wandered so far from the farm, that the farmer couldn’t find it. He searched for hours and hours, but still, he couldn’t find any trace of his beloved goat.

He was about to give up hope, when suddenly, he heard a faint bleating sound coming from the top of a nearby hill. Hurriedly, he followed the sound, and soon enough, he found his goat standing atop the tall hill. But then, the farmer noticed something strange – the goat had a large, grey stone in its mouth.

The farmer had never seen this stone before – it was a strange, glossy kind of stone that shimmered in the sunlight. In awe, he asked the goat why it had this stone. The goat replied: “This is the Goatstone, it is a blessing from the gods. If any animal holds this stone, they will stay strong and healthy, no matter what.”

The farmer was amazed – a stone that could make animals stay healthy! He couldn’t believe it. He ordered his goat to stay perched on top of the hill with the Goatstone, so that all the other animals could benefit from the Goatstone’s blessing.

Every morning, the goat would stand there, holding the Goatstone, as the other animals from the village passed by, each taking their share of the Goatstone’s blessing. Over time, the animals of the village became healthier and stronger than ever before. The villagers rejoiced, and thanked the kind old farmer for his generosity and kindness.

Moral: Helping others will bring you blessings in return.

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