Once upon a time in a small village there lived a young boy called Gewgawed. He was a cheerful and lively child who enjoyed playing outdoors in the vast forest that surrounded the village. He enjoyed exploring and discovering what the woods had to offer.

One such day Gewgawed decided to explore the forest, so he set off with a bag of snacks and a few items to build a shelter with. As he ventured further into the woods, he stumbled upon a peculiar tree with a large hole in its trunk. He peered inside, and saw a brilliantly shining object gleaming some light in the darkness. It was a gewgaw – a magical mysterious object that had been kept secret by the forest denizens.

Gewgawed had heard of these objects from an old man he had met in the forest, who had told him that these items were special and very powerful. Gewgawed was curious about it, so he grabbed the gewgaw, put it in his bag and quickly hurried back to his village.

Back home, Gewgawed showed his parents the gewgaw and told them what had happened. His parents were both mesmerized by the beautiful object, but warned him not to ever touch it again, as it was dangerous. Gewgawed, however, was not inspired by this warning, and decided to explore the gewgaw further.

Every night Gewgawed would sneak out of his house, take the gewgaw out of his bag and try to learn more about it. He knew that this object had the power to make all his dreams come true, and he wanted to take his chance. After several nights of studying and tinkering, one night Gewgawed finally managed to make the gewgaw work.

He heard a loud rattling sound, and suddenly the sky filled with stars and the ground with light. It was like a dream, and Gewgawed was overwhelmed with joy. He had made all his wishes come true and the gewgaw had granted them.

But suddenly, the light began to fade and the stars disappeared. Gewgawed realised his mistake – he had let his greed take over and had taken the gewgaw for granted. He had forgotten the warning his parents had given him – to never touch the gewgaw again.

He realised that all good things must be cherished and looked after. Gewgawed returned the gewgaw to the tree in the forest and, without taking anything else in return, he went back home.

Moral of the story:

We should never take anything for granted, not even the most magical objects, as they can easily be taken away from us. We should treasure the moments of joy and happiness we encounter and strive to make the most of them.

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