Once upon a time, there lived a curious young gavial by the name of Joe. He was always looking to explore his surroundings and learn something new every day. Joe lived in a forest near a river, where he spent his days catching fish, playing with other gavials and basking in the sunshine.

One day, Joe heard a loud commotion in the river. He peered through the murky water and saw a group of fishermen out on a boat, trying to catch some fish. Joe was curious and wanted to get a closer look at what they were doing. So, he carefully swam around the boat and observed the fishermen. To Joe’s surprise, the fishermen were using a net to catch the fish. The net was so big that it caught many big and small fish that were in the river.

Joe was sad to see what the fishermen were doing. He knew that the fish were not just food; they were living creatures that deserved to live in their natural habitat, not to be taken away from their families. Joe wanted to do something to help the fish, but he wasn’t sure what he could do.

Joe eventually decided that he would try to scare the fishermen away by swimming around the boat and making loud noises. The first time he did this, the fishermen were so scared that they quickly left the river. Joe was so proud of himself for coming up with such a creative plan to save the fish.

From then on, Joe made it his mission to protect the fish in his river and frighten away anyone who wanted to take them away. Every time he heard a commotion in the river, Joe would swim around the boat and make loud noises until the fishermen would go away.

Joe’s brave efforts to protect the fish in his river made him an inspiration to his gavial friends. He taught them that it is important to recognize and respect the beauty of nature and all living creatures.

Moral of the Story: It is important to recognize and respect the beauty of nature and all living creatures.

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