Once upon a time, there was a small and mischievous angel named Gappy who was always up to some kind of mischief. Gappy lived in a world where the seasons changed depending on the time of year. During winter, the sun would leave the sky, leaving the world in perpetual darkness, and in summer, the sun shone brightly on the world.

One day, Gappy was feeling especially mischievous, and he decided to play a trick on the other angels. He wanted to make the world dark, just like it was during wintertime. So, Gappy flew all around the world, looking for ways to make the sun disappear.

He found an old and dusty book in a corner of an old library. The book contained all kinds of spells and potions, and Gappy thought that this could be the perfect way to make the sun disappear. He read all of the instructions, and then followed them perfectly. Much to his surprise, the spell actually worked; the sun started to disappear and the world was thrown into darkness.

The other angels were so furious that Gappy had done this, and they chased him all around the world until he was finally caught. Gappy was so scared, but he couldn’t think of a way to turn the sun back on.

Just then, an old angel came to the rescue. He was a wise and kind angel, and he knew just what to do. He told Gappy that he needed to use the same spell to bring the sun back. Gappy followed the angel’s instructions and, just as he had done before, the spell worked!

The sun shone brightly once again, and the world was filled with joy. All the angels, including Gappy, were happy and relieved.

The moral of the story is that it is important to think before you act. Even if your intentions are good, you must always be sure that your actions will not cause harm to others. Gappy didn’t think about the consequences of his actions until it was too late, and he nearly ruined the world. Luckily, he was able to fix the issue and learn a valuable lesson about responsibility.

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