Once upon a time in a little village, there lived a young boy called Olly. Olly was an inquisitive and curious child and avidly explored the things around him. One day, as he was walking through the village, he saw a bright and shiny object on the ground. It was a magical rock that could talk.

“Hello Olly,” the magical rock said to him. “I am the Rock of Wisdom, and I have come to you because I believe you are a special child with a lot of potential. I want to help you unlock it by teaching you all about the world. Would you like to learn?”

Olly was thrilled to hear this and eagerly agreed to the rock’s offer. The rock began to teach him all about mathematics, reading, writing and history. With the rock’s help, Olly’s knowledge and understanding of the world increased greatly.

The Rock of Wisdom also taught Olly about fronted, the way of doing things with wisdom, compassion and respect. Olly was eager to learn and quickly began to incorporate this way of life into his own. He was kinder to his family, friends and the people of his village. He stopped to help collect lost items for strangers in the street, and even spoke to the elderly and listened to their stories.

One day, a storm rolled in and threatened to destroy the village. Olly knew he had to act quickly, so he decided to use the lessons he had learnt from the Rock of Wisdom and apply them to the situation. He used his fronted sense of compassion, understanding and respect and managed to help his village through their trying time.

After the storm was gone, the villagers realised how brave Olly had been and marvelled at his courage and wisdom. Olly was overwhelmed with joy and knew that the Rock of Wisdom had truly helped him.

Moral: Wisdom, compassion, and respect are essential qualities of great leadership. When faced with trying times, having these characteristics can make all the difference.

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