Once upon a time, there lived a jolly little boy named Add. Every day, Add went out to frolic in the meadows, to pick wildflowers, and to watch the birds soar through the warm summer sky.

The sun was always shining on Add, who ran and skipped through the meadows, feeling so happy in his little world. He’d find the biggest and most beautiful wildflowers he could, and if he couldn’t find any, he’d look for white and pink daisies, which were just as beautiful. Every time he found a cluster of daisies, he’d pick a bouquet and take it home with him, so he could brighten up his room.

On the days when he couldn’t go out and explore the meadows and gardens, Add would often take a nap in the shade of a big tree near his home. He would hang his dreams on the tree’s branches and dream of far-off adventures and of becoming a brave knight and ruler of his own kingdom. And as he’d close his eyes in his dream world, he would feel the sun radiating on his face, still feeling its warmth and joy, even in his dreams.

However, one day Add went out to frolic and found a small, lonely puppy who had strayed away from his home. Add was touched by the pup’s plight and offered it his friendship and warmth. He spent the day taking care of the pup and made sure he was fed and safe.

At the end of the day, Add had to go home, but he promised the pup he’d come back to visit him every day and ensure he was safe. He promised the pup he would never leave him alone and he would always be there for him.

From then on, Add visited the pup every day, sometimes taking him out for a walk in the meadows and sometimes just staying by his side. He made sure the pup was fed, loved and taken care of in every way possible.

Add’s friendship with the pup taught him the important lesson of being kind and generous to those in need. Every time he went to frolic, he remembered the pup and how he had helped it. He saw how something as small as a kind act of love can make a big difference to someone else’s life.

The moral of the story is: always remember to be kind and generous to those around you, because the small acts of kindness you do can have a big impact on someone else’s life.

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