Once upon a time there lived a young boy named Akil. Akil was a very talented and hardworking kid but he was quite fond of procrastination. He would often put off tasks at school and home to the last possible minute.

One day, his mother had asked him to clean his room while she was away. Akil took the task lightly and waited until the evening before she was due to return. As the night progressed, he managed to finish just a few things, with an ever mounting pile of work still to be done.

The next morning, Akil was panicking and running around the house trying to finish cleaning his room. Meanwhile, his mother had returned and was surprised to see the mess that Akil had left. She scolded him for his lack of forthcomingness and asked him to finish cleaning before dinner.

Tired, Akil began to clean his room. But this time with a difference. He started at the top, and worked his way down, going systematically about cleaning each corner of the room. He also took short breaks in between to get some refreshment.

Soon his room was shining and his mother was happy. She praised Akil for his effort and told him the importance of being forthcoming. She said that if he had done the task when it was assigned to him, he wouldn’t have to do it in a rush and would have even more time to relax.

Akil learnt his lesson and made sure that he was forthcoming in his work from then on. Every time he was assigned to a task, he made sure he completed it before it was due. He realised that being forthcoming saved him both time and effort.

Moral of the story: It is important to be forthcoming with one’s tasks so that one does not need to rush in the end and can have more time for oneself.

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