Once upon a time there lived a little boy named Folio. He was the youngest of three siblings, but the only boy. Folio was the biggest optimist you could ever know and was always ready to have fun.

When Folio was seven years old, he loved nothing more than playing outside and exploring in the woods near his home town. He found secret hiding places, befriended birds and other woodland creatures, and ran through the fields of wild flowers his mom would later put in a vase for the dinner table.

One day, however, Folio decided to explore further than he ever had before. He ventured deep into the woods, passing trees, wildflowers, and small streams while humming a little tune to himself. He eventually found himself at the edge of a big lake.

Folio stood staring out at the lake in wonder, feeling the sun on his face and the gentle breeze blowing his hair. Suddenly, he heard a small splash in the lake. He looked around and noticed a small, round object floating on the water. With curiosity, Folio stepped closer and realized the object was a folio made of a beautiful, smooth material.

Folio bent down and grabbed the folio. He couldn’t believe his luck. He immediately opened it, looking for clues as to who it belonged to. Inside, he found a beautiful blank book with a quill and inkwell.

Folio quickly wrote his name on the first page. Then he wrote down all his adventures and the beautiful things he saw in the woods. He wrote about the birds that sang to him and the wildflowers that he would pick for his mom. He wrote about his family, his friends, and his hopes for the future.

Folio looked around and realized that the sun was setting and he was far away from home. He quickly packed up his folio and ran back home. When he arrived, he was relieved to see his mom standing in the doorway. Folio ran to her, hugging her and telling her all about the folio he found.

Folio’s mom looked at him with such love and admiration, telling him how proud she was of him for writing down his thoughts and adventures. She told him that the folio was a special gift and no matter what happened, he should always use it to write down his thoughts and ideas.

Folio thanked his mom, suddenly feeling really special. He tucked the folio away, knowing that he would use it to record all the beautiful moments in his life.

From that moment on, Folio’s folio was never far from him. He kept it with him at all times, never afraid to share his ideas and his true thoughts. Folio’s folio was a reminder to him to never be afraid of being himself and to never stop dreaming.

Moral of the story: Never be afraid of being yourself and never stop dreaming.

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