Once upon a time there lived five friends—Randy, Mark, Nicole, Sandy and Daisy. They were all different but strong. They loved to play together, but their shared passion was for film. Each night their imaginations would run wild as they acted out scenes from the latest movie, or recreated their own from their own ideas.

One weekend, the five decided to go to the local film festival. It was here they got to see some of the best films out at the moment. It was inspiring to each of them and they soon made plans to make their own film.

The group spent many days and nights writing the script, designing sets and costumes, and finding actors to take part in the production. Their parents were very supportive and even gave them some money to help fund the project.

Finally the film was made and each of the friends was thrilled when it was entered into the local film competition. Unfortunately, it didn’t win any awards, but they had gained so much more. They had made a film, learned a lot and had a great experience to share.

On their way home, the friends talked about all that they had enjoyed and learnt on their journey. They realised that it was not only the awards that mattered, but the experience and journey that they had shared together.

This was the moral of their story; that we should enjoy the journey and experiences, not just the destination. If we do, we can produce our very own masterpieces, just as they had done in their own filmdom.

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