Once upon a time, there was a small village called Fashionless. It was a strange village in that everyone had decided to give up wearing fashionable clothing. No one seemed to care what they put on or how they looked. It was a strange sight to behold.

In this village lived a young girl by the name of Amelie. Amelie was always fascinated by the world outside the village. She often peeked out of her windows to get a glimpse of what lay beyond the borders of Fashionless. One day, while prying out of her window, Amelie saw a group of beautiful, young ladies passing by in their colorful and stylish dresses. Amelie felt a deep envy and longing for the fashionable clothing that the ladies were wearing.

Amelie decided to take a chance and ventured out of the village to get some of the fashionable clothing that she so desired. She saved up her pocket money and went to the nearest mall. There, Amelie was dumbstruck by the dazzling array of clothes laid out before her. She could hardly contain her excitement as she selected a few pieces of clothing that she liked.

Amelie was so excited about her purchases that she decided to try them on in the store. But, to her surprise, the salesperson stopped her from doing so. The salesperson explained to her that the clothing was not meant for the people of Fashionless. Amelie was disheartened, she felt embarrassed and ashamed for having a dream beyond her village’s boundaries.

Though Amelie had to leave the store empty handed, she realized that fashion was something to be admired and aspired to, but that it should never be a source of shame or envy. Amelie also realized that her village’s policy of shunning fashionable clothing was not necessarily a bad thing.

Moral of the story: Fashion is something that can be appreciated and admired, but it should never be a source of shame or envy. Everyone has individual tastes and fashion should never be restricted to one’s socio-economic class or cultural background.

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