Once upon a time, in a far away kingdom, there lived a beautiful little girl called Abigail. She was the youngest and most spoiled in her family, as her parents could not help but dote on her every move.

Abigail was a curious girl who loved to explore and learn new things. She often took delight in the simplest of things, like collecting butterflies or finding different kinds of rocks in the fields. Her parents treasured not just her curiosity but also the joy she brought to their home.

One day, while out exploring, Abigail came across a secret cave. She was the first one to discover this hidden gem and couldn’t help but explore it further. As she ventured deeper and deeper into the cave, she stumbled upon something remarkable. It was a room filled with gold coins, precious gems, jewelry, and other exotic items. She was overwhelmed by the abundance of wealth and immediately filled her pockets with as much as she could carry. After a few minutes, she looked around and noticed something even more precious—a big crystal with a beautiful rainbow dancing inside it. Abigail couldn’t believe her luck and decided to take the crystal with her too.

Back in the village, Abigail was proud of her newfound wealth and started buying things she had only dreamed of. She bought the best clothes and jewelry and threw away her old ones. She also started demanding the best foods, drinks, and treats from her parents. As the days passed, Abigail’s obsession for wealth and luxuries grew more and more. Not only was she spending too much money, but her attitude towards her family and friends had changed too. She had become selfish and inconsiderate, only caring about herself.

One day, her parents finally noticed how Abigail’s behavior had changed and decided to have a talk with her. Abigail confessed to them about her finding the cave and how she had become obsessed with wealth. Her parents were heartbroken to see what their little girl had become and realized that Abigail’s obsession was clouding her judgement.

So, they decided to take her back to the secret cave and make her understand the importance of having the right attitude. As soon as Abigail entered the cave, she was surprised to see that the room that was once filled with gold coins, gems and jewelry was now empty. Her parents reminded her that all the things she had been so obsessed with had been here before, but they were never really hers. Just like the cave, whenever we get too obsessed with the temporary and material things of this world, they will always remain transitory and not truly ours.

The moral of the story is that one should never be obsessed with wealth and material comforts at the cost of true happiness and compassion. Abigail learned an important lesson that day about having an attitude of contentment and generosity. From then on, she stopped being obsessed with wealth and instead started appreciating the small joys of life.

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