Once upon a time, a long time ago, there lived a brave and strong knight called Expromissor. He was well known throughout the land for his courage and honor as he was always ready to protect what was right.

One day while riding on his steed, a dragon was spotted in the distance. Expromissor spurred his horse into a gallop, joining a group of knights ready to take on this beast. With his sword held high and a determined look in his eye, Expromissor was ready to fight.

The battle began and soon blood was running in the streets, dragons and knights alike. Expromissor fought bravely but like all battles, there was an end. In the end, it was the dragon who emerged victorious, leaving the knights and Expromissor bruised and battered.

When the dust had settled and the smoke had cleared, the brave knight slowly got to his feet. He knew he had to make a decision, a decision he had never thought he would make, yet here he was faced with it.

Expromissor, despite his battered and bruised body, made a promise to himself then and there – he would never back down from a challenge. No matter the danger, no matter how scared he felt, he would face it head-on and not retreat.

This was the vow Expromissor made to himself that day, and through the years, he kept that promise. He faced each challenge with bravery and conviction and rose victorious in the end.

Moral: We all face challenges in life. Even when the odds seem stacked against us, we must always find the courage to stand tall and face them. To never back down and to keep our promises no matter what. This is the path of a true hero.

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