Once upon a time, there lived a farmer named John who lived with his family in a small village. He was a kind-hearted man and always helped the people around him.

One day, John’s neighbor, a kind old woman, came to him with a request. She asked him to tend to her farm and take care of her livestock. John readily agreed and did his best to take care of the farm and animals.

As time passed, John worked diligently and the old woman was very pleased with his hard work. One day, while tending to the farm, John noticed a strange bird flying overhead. He watched as it circled around and eventually landed in front of him. It was a beautiful bird with shimmering white feathers and piercing green eyes.

John was amazed by the bird and decided to keep it as a pet. He named it Expiate and taught it to speak. Every day, Expiate would fly around the village helping John do his chores.

However, one day, a fierce storm hit the village and John’s farm got destroyed in the process. In a fit of anguish, John yelled at Expiate and told it to go away. To his surprise, Expiate flew away but kept circling back and kept crying over the destroyed farm.

John felt extremely guilty for having shouted at Expiate and decided to make it up to him. He started rebuilding the farm and took extra care of Expiate. He also started feeding it more and treating it like a family member.

After a few years, John was able to fully rebuild his farm and the village was thriving again. People thanked John for his hard work and praised him for being so generous.

John always thought back to the bird that had helped him through the tough times and was grateful to it. He wanted to thank Expiate for all its help and so, one day, decided to release it into the wild.

As John released it, he thanked the bird for being there for him and wished it luck on its journey. He then watched as Expiate flew away and soon disappeared from sight.

John had learnt a lesson from this experience. He realized that it was important to show sincere gratitude for everything that is given to you and never take anyone for granted.

Moral: We should always express our gratitude for the help we receive, or else we may end up losing something precious.

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