Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Mia. She was the only child in her family and very much loved. Every day, Mia would go to school, where she had lots of friends and made the most of her learning experience.

Mia always felt different from the others in her class though, because she had a lot of money. In school, people talked a lot about her family’s wealth and how she was so lucky to have it. Instead of feeling special, Mia would feel left out.

One day, Mia had enough. She didn’t want to be seen as privileged anymore and wanted to be seen as an equal. So, she decided to do something about it. She went to her parents and asked if she could open a Little Free Library in her neighborhood.

Her parents were very proud of her for wanting to give back to her community and agreed to help her. Soon, Mia had the Little Free Library set up in her neighborhood.

The library had books from all around the world and was a place where everyone could come and learn. There were no charges or fees for taking any book and it was open to anyone in the community. Mia felt proud of herself for giving back to her community and it made her feel equal to everyone else.

But, soon enough, the library started to attract other kinds of attention. People from outside of the neighborhood started visiting the library and it became a more exclusive place. These people felt a sense of privilege and exclusivity.

Mia was disappointed in how the library she had made to make everyone feel equal was now being used as a way to separate people. The library was now a place of exclusivity instead of equality.

Mia decided to take action. She went around to the different homes in her neighborhood and talked to everyone about how the library was meant to be a place for everyone and how it should not be used as a way to separate people.

Mia was successful in getting everyone to understand her message and the Little Free Library went back to the way it was before. Everyone had access to the books and no one felt excluded.

Mia had learned an important lesson that day – that true equality means removing all feelings of exclusivity. Through her efforts, Mia was able to make her community an inclusive space for everyone.

Moral of the story: True equality is achieved when all feelings of exclusivity are eliminated.

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