Once upon a time, there lived a little boy named Sam. Sam was eight years old and was a very curious and passionate boy. He was very curious to explore the world around him and learn more about it.

One day, Sam was taking a walk in the park with his parents. As they were walking, they saw an old man selling apples in a cart. Sam was intrigued and asked the man if he could buy one. When the man said yes, Sam immediately asked his parents to give him some change for the apple. His parents, with a smile on their face, gave him the coins to buy it.

Sam was so excited that he ran to the man to buy the apple. He paid the man and ran back to his parents to proudly show them the apple. As he was admiring his purchase, he saw that the man who was selling the apples was very poor and had only few apples to sell.

The realization hit Sam like a ton of bricks and he felt guilty for buying the apple. He thought to himself that he had taken away food from someone who was hungry. He decided that he will do something to help the old man. He went back to the man and told him that he wanted to buy all the apples and give them out to the people in the park who were in need.

The man was amazed and touched by Sam’s kind gesture. He showed his appreciation by giving him two extra apples. Sam happily accepted them and went back to his parents with a joyous heart. He distributed the apples to the people in the park who were hungry and desperate.

Sam’s parents felt very proud of him and were so full of joy that their son had done a kind and compassionate deed. They hugged him and his father told him that he had done a great thing by being so kind and generous.

The moral of this story is that it is important to be generous and kind to others in need. It is also important to think about the consequences of our actions and to be considerate of others. Being compassionate and understanding can go a long way in making this world a better place for everyone.

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