Once upon a time, there lived a young boy named Endear. He was a very kind-hearted and compassionate boy who always looked out for the living creatures around him. Endear had a very special bond with animals, and it was no surprise when he decided to start an animal shelter in his small village.

Endear had the support and encouragement of his parents to set up the animal shelter, and he put in long hours of hard work to make sure that it was a safe haven for all sorts of animals. He was not just concerned with their physical wellbeing, but he made sure that they felt emotionally safe as well. He would talk to them, comfort them, and make sure that they were receiving proper nutrition and healthcare.

The village people were grateful for Endear’s efforts, and it wasn’t long before he became the village’s favorite son.

One day, Endear was walking in the woods near his village when he came across injured bird. Its wing was broken and it was unable to fly. Endear felt a pang of sorrow for the bird and decided to take it home and look after it.

He named the bird Endear and made a special nest in his house for it. Endear was determined to nurse the bird back to health and within a few weeks, it was completely healed. In the meantime, Endear had formed a special bond with the bird and it had become his best friend.

As days passed by, Endear and Endear-the-bird did everything together. They took long walks in the woods, fished together, and played games. Endear was so fond of the bird that he even fed it the same food he ate.

One day, Endear’s parents found out about the bird and they were very angry at him. They said that the bird was not part of their family and that Endear should release it back into the wild. Endear was heartbroken but he knew that they were right. He said his goodbyes to his best friend and released it back into the wild.

The villagers had seen what Endear had done for the bird and were deeply impressed with his compassion and selflessness. It was from that day onwards that the villagers started calling him Endear.

Moral of the story: Compassion and kindness can bring joy to yourself and others.

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