Once upon a time, there was a young, brave boy named Encephaloid. Encephaloid loved to explore the world and try new things. He was fearless and curious about all he encountered.

One day, Encephaloid was in the woods, exploring a new area. He came across a river and thought that since he had never seen it before, it must be mysterious. He crossed the river and found that there was a path that took him to a strange castle. He was hesitant to go inside, but his curiosity got the better of him and he decided to go in.

When he got inside, he heard a voice coming from the far corner of the castle. It was an old man who seemed to be in some sort of trance. He said, “I am Encephaloid, the great wizard who has the power to grant wishes.”

Encephaloid was amazed and asked the wizard for a wish. The wizard said that he could grant any wish and gave Encephaloid three choices: he could wish for anything in the world, wish for any power he desired, or to become immortal. Encephaloid thought for a long time before finally deciding on the third option.

He wanted to live forever and never die. The wizard said that this was a difficult wish to grant, but he could do it. The wizard put a spell on Encephaloid and said that he would live forever with the power of his mind.

For many years, Encephaloid lived with the power that the wizard had granted him. He was never sick, he got stronger every day, and he could do amazing feats with his mind.

But one day, the wizard’s spell began to wear off and Encephaloid started to age like everyone else. He was no longer invincible and he started to feel weak. He was confused about why the spell was fading away and he went to the wizard for answers.

The wizard told him that the power he had been granted was only temporary and that he could not live forever. He said that Encephaloid had to accept his mortality and start to enjoy life again.

Encephaloid realized that the wizard was right and he accepted that he would one day die, just like everyone else. He thanked the wizard for granting him such a wonderful gift and set off to enjoy life. He no longer feared death and he was able to make the most of his short time on Earth.

The moral of this story is to make the most of the time we have. Life is precious and can be taken away in a moment, so it’s important to enjoy every second of it. No one can live forever, but every individual can make an impact while they’re here. It’s up to us to make the most of our time and leave a legacy of greatness.

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